Find Your Options With Rising gaming Industry

The video game industry is growing and expanding every year. Last year (2016), it reached a record income of 91 billion dollars. Forecasts for this year are even more optimistic – 108.9 billion. What is the reason for such a jump? The answer is simple – mobile games.

The most important trends in video games for 2017

The income of the industry is mostly provided by mobile games. According to forecasts, their contribution to the end of 2017 will amount to 46 billion, and this, by the way, 42% of the global gaming market revenues. For comparison, console games will earn 31%, and games on the PC only 27%.

2017 video game market

But mobile games are far from the only trend in the gaming industry. Virtual reality is another promising source of income. Analysts predict its growth by 104% for the period from 2016 to 2017. In fact, by 2020, the annual global revenue of the virtual reality segment is expected to be $ 28 billion, which is 6 times higher than forecasts for the current year.

The popularity of VR games is really growing, but the same can be said about mobile games. Mobile devices and smartphones are becoming more powerful with each generation. They already support games using virtual and augmented reality technologies, and since their “stuffing” is constantly being improved, we expect more accessible, interesting and authentic games. Using a smartphone and a wireless VR headset is easier and more convenient than a more expensive equivalent for a PC or console. It is cheaper, does not provide for confusion with cables and is available to anyone who has a smartphone. Such games and more are now available in sites like Run 3 unblocked.

Cybersport ranks second on the list of fast-growing video game markets, right after games using virtual reality technology. In the period from 2016 to 2017, revenues from e-sports grew by 26%. The indicators themselves are relatively small – $ 892 million in 2016 compared to 1.1 billion, predicted for 2017. The coverage of the cybersport audience is much more impressive. The creators of video games in different genres are trying to succeed in eSports, each with a different degree of success.

Video Game Market: Revenue and Growth

Specifically, now in the trend of the mobile direction, virtual reality technology and e-sports, this is true. But the basis of this industry is and will always be games. About them, in particular about online games, and let’s talk.

Most Popular Online Games 2017

Playing online has never been so popular. According to statistics for 2017, 575 million people worldwide are playing online games – and this is not taking into account the users of free browser games. This is 3% more than in 2016, and according to forecasts, by 2021; the number of gamers in the world will grow to 645 million. Official statistics Steam clearly shows that the top 5 is all about online games.